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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cloud ?


The term "cloud" is everywhere.

In the simplest terms, cloud means storing and accessing data and programs over the Internet instead of your computer's hard drive.

The cloud is just a metaphor for the Internet.


Bank level Security : Your data is secured in state-of-the art data centers and replicated in several disaster recovery sites.

The cloud is actually more secure than your PC and your information is never shared with third parties.

All cloudmeb solutions use 256-bit SSL encryption.

Updates & Integrations

Cloud technology allows you to have access to the latest software version without having to download or upgrade anything.

Integrations provide you the power to connect all your data into a fluid process across cloud platforms.

You can now leverage each cloud for their specialty instead of finding one that tries do it all.

Do I need to sign up for a fixed period ?

No. We don’t like being stuffed in a box, and neither should our clients. It’s about what you and what your business requires.

Fill out our configuration tool and let us quote you for what you only need.

There’s no point in paying for something you won’t use. We will not lock you into a contract and you cancel at any time.

We believe in your transformation, not contracts.

Why is accounting so important ?

Let's face it. Business run on cash and the accounting system is the only accurate source of truth on how you are doing.

It is the heart of your business.

As an owner, this is where you need to be managing your cash flow.

Today, the time gap between an owner and their accountant is long and time consuming.

Your numbers have already changed by the time he reports back to you.

It's time you Take back control of your numbers.

Why only xero for accounting ?

Xero is the industry leader in providing creative accounting software.

Cloudmeb has chosen xero as their exclusive partner for all transformations.

The platform is powerful, simple and provides owners with all the tools to manage their business.

It's simplistic design is for you first and accountants second.

Operate your business in real time so you can stay on top.

What else do you offer ?

Sure, having your accounting system in the cloud is nice but you do more than that.

We provide solutions that integrate with Xero to cover all your needs.

Cloudmeb specializes in CRM, time management, marketing and web design.

Our goal is to give you the tools that will assist you in streamlining your process.

We want you to grow and have all the latest integrations to keep it simple.

Why should I choose cloudmeb ?

Cloudmeb is a full turnkey solution to help you achieve your transformation and sustain it.

We will reduce your time spent on managing your business so you can concentrate on growing instead.

You will be supported by your dedicated team of:

  • Cloud solution advisors
  • Systems advisors
  • Conversion and integration specialists
  • Xero bookkeepers
  • Certified Xero accountants