Your new monthly price is $1000

Your new one time price is $1000

Bookkeeping solutions made easy

Get back to what you do best with dedicated bookkeeping for your business

Prep reports, ensure your accounts match, and bring your financial software into the modern era.

Bookkeeping solutions made easy


Manage your business in real-time

Log in anytime, anywhere on your Mac, PC, tablet, or phone and get up-to-the-minute, unparalleled visibility into your financial health. It’s that simple. Consult the Cloudmeb Configurator to see your best fit.

Focus all of your attention on your business

Managing your books is time-consuming and requires more attention than business owners should have at their disposal. Our certified bookkeepers have mastered the art of mundane tasks: reconciling transactions (invoices, expenses, bills) on a weekly basis, payroll, answering queries, etc.

Never miss a deadline. Ever.

Cloudmeb ensures your business is always on time. Get reminders about reports necessary to stay compliant with government agencies and keep unnecessary penalties off your plate: • Sales Tax reports • Provisional Accounts • Government Inquiries

Don’t pay more than you need to

Instead of shelling out twice the price to a CPA or a freelancer, Cloudmeb provides your business with full-time, dedicated bookkeepers at part-time prices.

Onboard your business to new technology

Our dedicated bookkeepers will help you convert from your dusty, old desktop financial software to cloud technology that will give your business an edge and bring you into the current year.

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