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Accounting services for tax compliance

Always be on time, never pay unnecessary penalties

Having trouble staying tax compliant? Cloudmeb keeps you on track to meet all government deadlines.

Accounting services for tax compliance


Stay compliant across the board

Our accounting services keep you on top of all government deadlines related to corporate and registered business tax, including: • Dividends • Provisional accounts • Corporate tax returns, registered business / self-employed returns • Business audits

Develop a steady reporting rhythm

By reviewing how often you currently report sales tax, remittances, and provisional accounts, Cloudmeb can deter which reporting periods are best for you. Simply put, that equals lower fees and more money to dedicate to growing your business.

Settle the score between salary and dividends

Here’s one we get from a lot of our clients: Which is better for my business — salary or dividends? The answer: Cloudmeb’s analysis of your financial situation will guide you in the right direction, so you can strike a balance that will keep bucks in your pocket.

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