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On Time Tax Compliance Services

Never miss a deadline again.

Is tax management still a challenge for your business? Let Cloudmeb help you sort out all of that tax compliance hassle as you grow.

On Time Tax Compliance Services


Corporate & registered business tax compliance

Cloudmeb will stay on top of government deadlines and help you manage all your needs in regards to: • T5 and RL3 - Dividends • Provisional accounts • Corporate T2 tax returns, registered business / self-employed returns • Business audits

Optimize your reporting frequency

Cloudmeb will review your current frequency to report on Sales tax, remittances and provisional accounts. Certain business are eligible to switch periods, thus resulting in less fees and allowing you to keep your money working for you longer.

Dividends vs Salary Analysis

One of the most often asked questions from our clients. We will complete a full assessment of your financial situation to optimize the best blend between dividends and salary so you can keep the most in your pocket!

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