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Why Cloudmeb?

Cloudmeb™ provides business owners a one stop shop to improve day to day operations and eliminate inefficiencies using cloud technology and services.

See below how Cloudmeb™ can help your business.


  • Manually creating Word, Pdf
  • Managing versions over email
  • Difficulty tracking payments
  • No reports or searching capability
  • Get paid faster with online invoicing
  • Get notified when customer opened or paid your invoice with automatic bank feeds
  • Reoccurring invoices and accurate business reports
  • Mobile version helps you reconciliate and send invoices on the go
  • And so much more...

accounting & payroll

  • No visibility on your business numbers
  • Wasted time working spreadsheets
  • Difficulty managing your cash flow and expenses
  • Accounting financials are not in real time
  • Dedicated & certified bookkeeper available 24/7
  • Monthly financial reports and tax reports
  • Accurate, simple payroll - Always on top of you numbers
  • Organized, Ontime hassle-free accounting with certified Xero advisors


  • Shoeboxed with loss of receipts
  • Time spent calculating expenses
  • Have to see your accountant in person
  • Storing boxes of paper in a closet
  • No more data entry. Take a snapshot and send it from your smartphone
  • Receipt information automatically extracted and coded to Xero
  • Submit a receipt in less 5 secs and keep your boxes for moving to a bigger office

implementation, training & on-going support

  • Frustrated with Outdated desktop software
  • Copying information from one system to another
  • Too much time spent on administrative tasks
  • Cloud solution designed for your business
  • Simplified processes with Integrations
  • Data clean up and migration
  • Always available to answer your questions and provide guidance


  • Old cash register, Printer and software
  • Loss of inventory control
  • Unable to track product sales
  • Reception with a master calendar that isn't shared
  • Clients missing appointments
  • Double booking staff
  • Onsite job sheets with clip pads
  • Difficulty managing quote history and job details
  • Tracking parts and labor on paper or spreadsheets
  • Vend the world's easiest POS system with ipad register, wireless scanner
  • Comprehensive dashboards to gain deeper insights
  • Manage inventory levels and supplier orders
  • Timely Online booking software for smart business
  • Take back control of your calendar
  • Automated text and email reminders
  • Online booking through your own website and Facebook
  • GeoOp Job management made easy
  • Manage all your jobs and mobile resources in one place
  • Easy Quoting and Invoicing on the go
  • GPS Tracking with Maps and Directions

Our intelligent system will design the perfect solution for you.

plug-in your business

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plug-in your business

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Your digital journey starts with an overview of your current situation so we can better understand your objectives and areas for improvement.

It's critical to know where you are today and where you want to be.

tailored solution

We will design a personalized solution that will allow you to simplify your business and take back control of your numbers.

It's finally time for you to get to know your business.

implementation & training

Cloudmeb™ will deliver a fully functional solution with your data and provide all the training necessary to get your business onboard quickly.

We will help you every step of the way until you are running smoothly.

plug-in your business

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plug-in your business