Say good bye to your paper receipts
Receipt scanner & expense trackerr that extracts key information from your bills, receipts and invoices.
Easy receipt submission
Quickly upload receipts & invoices via email and mobile app. We do the rest. It’s the simplest and quickest receipt management tool out there. Period.
Automated receipt management
Accurate data extraction and seamless software integration into Xero with proper tax rates. All submitted receipts are pushed to Xero with pictures attached for reference purposes. Lose the boxes of paper and access your receipts on demand!
Access from Anywhere
You can access Dext from anywhere via the internet. The smart phone app allows you to literarily submit an expense from anywhere in under 5 secs. It's amazing how the cloud can simplify your expense reports with a few clicks on your phone!
Onboard your business to new technology
Our dedicated bookkeepers will help you convert from your dusty, old desktop financial software to cloud technology that will give your business an edge and bring you into the current year.