Understand your business in new ways
Powerful business analysis and in-depth metrics management tool that lets you drill into your company's data and better assess your key performance indicators (KPIs).
Gain deeper insights
Fathom provides a suite of in-depth analysis tools and metrics which help you see exactly how well your business is performing. These tools and metrics help to assess profitability, cash flow, growth and other key performance indicators (KPIs).
Create beautiful reports and dashboards
Whether presenting to investors, reporting to the bank, or updating your management team, you'll always be prepared with Fathom.
Alert monitoring
Fathom makes it easy to monitor alerts for your company from a single dashboard. Simply ‘drill-down’ into any alert to investigate the metric in question. Supporting commentary provides advice for corrective actions.
Fathom Cloudmeb Integrations
Fathom integrates with Xero and all your external data, making it even easier to do financial analysis in the cloud. Cloudmeb specializes in configuring the perfect Cloud ecosystem to run your business efficiently.
Onboard your business to new technology
Our dedicated bookkeepers will help you convert from your dusty, old desktop financial software to cloud technology that will give your business an edge and bring you into the current year.