Modern Payroll
Simple, precise and punctual pay
Accurate and on-time cloud based payroll services that provide an efficient way to manage payroll / expense reports.
Holidays, vacations, expenses reports and benefits made easy.
Managing your employees can be time consuming and easily lead to errors. Cloudmeb payroll offers you a solution to properly manage your payruns with a full turnkey service that will manage your vacation balances, statutory holidays, group benefits plans and even reimburse the incurred expenses to your staff!
Managed Payroll Services
Whether you want to do a simple one-time calculation or run a year-end report, our payroll service makes it simple for you to get the job done quickly. • Hourly, Salaried employees • Contractors • Bonuses, Benefits and Deductions
Pay Summaries and Dividends
Cloudmeb provides your business owners and employees with all the relevant information to file properly. • Payroll: Periodic Automated Remittance reports • year end T4 and RL1 Slips and summaries • Dividends Declaration: T5 and RL3 Slips and summaries
Onboard your business to new technology
Our dedicated bookkeepers will help you convert from your dusty, old desktop financial software to cloud technology that will give your business an edge and bring you into the current year.