Essential Business Services
A personal human touch in a technological era
Virtual Bookkeeping
Get back to what you do best
Our certified bookkeepers have mastered the art of mundane tasks: reconciling transactions (invoices, expenses, bills) on a weekly basis, payroll, answering queries to keep you upto date in real time.
Conversion to Xero
Get started quickly with human help
Bring your accounting software into the 21st century by switching to Xero using our conversion service.
Cloud Accounting
Stay compliant across the board
Having trouble staying tax compliant? Cloudmeb keeps you on track to meet all government deadlines and increases your visibility into your numbers.
Modern Payroll
Simple, precise and punctual pay
Accurate and on-time cloud based payroll services that provide an efficient way to manage payroll / expense reports.
Xero Ecosystem training
Certified experts teach you all they know
Let your digital journey thrive by getting the most from your feature-packed software quickly with our training platform.
Incorporation & Legal
Affordable legal corporate documents
Federal or provincial legal services on business incorporation, registration, minute books and audits, everywhere across Canada.